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She started off as a loose line drawing on my sketchpad, but soon she made her presence felt.

She demanded a larger canvas, outrageous colours and a greater audience.

She willed herself into existence despite my objections. She stood her ground and waited me out. Refusing to leave until she was acknowledged.

Her confidence felt like a warm ember ready to ignite a wildfire.

And then all too suddenly she was complete, ready to leave my hands.

I still wanted to tidy her up a bit, groom her for the world, but she wanted none of that.

So I let her go… to be all she needed to be. Glorious in her imperfections.

Original: Acrylic on Canvas, 1000 X 1000 mm.

ZAR 30 000. 00

Subject to availability. Please reserve the artwork for purchase (at no charge) and stipulate your delivery specifications, below. It can take up to 48 hours to finalise the availability of this artwork as it may be sold in-gallery. We will be in touch with you via email.

Print: Printed on stretched Canvas, 1000 X 1000 mm.

ZAR 12 000. 00

Delivery within SA is included in the purchase price. Delivery cost outside of SA will be calculated and quoted to you.

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Dimensions 1000 mm