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R 9,000.00R 30,000.00

A place that only makes sense when seen through the lens of nature.

It serves very little purpose as a human settlement.

You can only experience the beauty of its vastness when you stop trying to get anywhere.

Purchase ‘Okalongo’ as a print or as the original, be it still available.

Original: Acrylic on Canvas, 1200 X 800 mm.

ZAR 30 000. 00

Subject to availability. Please reserve the artwork for purchase (at no charge) and stipulate your delivery specifications, below. It can take up to 48 hours to finalise the availability of this artwork as it may be sold in-gallery. We will be in touch with you via email.

Print: Printed on stretched Canvas, 1200 X 800 mm.

ZAR 9 000. 00

Delivery within SA is included in the purchase price. Delivery cost outside of SA will be calculated and quoted to you.

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